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In the quiet sleepy village,

Where the Romans came to pillage,

All the young men once so brave they ran away,

Only old folks mean and grumpy,

And young maidens fat and lumpy,

Made their minds up, “In this village we shall stay,

Yes right here in this village we shall stay!”

At first the Romans they were contented,

Yes their resolve it was unrelented,

As they sacked and divvied up all that they did find,

But then soon they were surrounded,

By old folks and maidens rounded,

A-G-G-G-H!….and so they too,

They left that village far behind,

Yes they also left that village far behind!

Now that made both the old folk and the maiden,

Feel so disappointed and unladen,

For they almost had men fearless and built strong,

Then soon the ruthless Huns and Vandals,

And the mighty Mongols in their sandals,

They also fled that place without a song,

Yes they too fled that place without a song!

You see, in that noiseless town of slumber,

Where the Romans came to plunder,

Not even one invading marauder stood a hoot,

So go away Julius Caesar,

Don’t come a callin’ Genghis either,

Just stay home…. forget adventure and all that loot,

Or once again you’ll find your sorry selves hot to scoot,

Yes all over you’ll find your sorry selves hot to scoot!

by John Patrick Seekamp      (January 15th, 2015)