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Eyes open upon awakening,

They see what is there to see,

They see silhouettes and shadows cast,

Some are familiar faces and some are unfamiliar faces,

Each deep with joy and sorrow,

Deep with lines of smile and frown,

Marred by scars from work and play,

And the eyes see places,

All the places…..too many places,

Some are familiar and some are unfamiliar,

Throughout the day eyes look and see,

Before long the sun settles,

Eyes flicker and then close,

Soon there is a muddling of familiar and unfamiliar faces and places,

Soon it becomes chaos, and then order, and then chaos,

It is of what the mind’s eye see’s when, only for a while, eyes are closed,

All this while the sun is awaiting to be risen,

Then the sun claims anew.

by John Patrick Seekamp 2015